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TDA Senior

Curriculum Overview 

Thomas Deacon Academy provides high-quality education and empowering students with the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in the modern world. We have 25 lessons per week each of 55 minutes.  Our curriculum gives all students a broad understanding of the knowledge, skills and context that will support them in their academic and social progression into Key Stage 4.  

We offer a diverse range of subjects in 7 curriculum areas that cater to students of all ages including. The curriculum areas  


Key Stage 3 

Our Key Stage 3 curriculum is taught over three years. The content in each subject is coherently planned and carefully sequenced to allow students to acquire deep knowledge, develop skills and build solid foundations for Key Stage 4. 

Further details of the content that Years 7-9 will be studying for each of their subjects can be found on the Curriculum pages in this section of the school website. The time allocation in hours for all subjects at Key Stage 3 is given below: 


Year 7 

Year 8 

Year 9 








Art / Photography 




IT / Computer Science 




Performing Arts 


Mini Options 









Key Stage 4 

We offer a breadth of academic subjects to our students both at Key Stage 4 and 5.  

At the end of Year 9, students select two ‘option’ subjects. At least one of these will be from the Ebacc (English Baccalaureate) subjects listed below and the other two option choices can be from any of the other courses offered. We support students through this process and advise them to follow a broad and balanced curriculum, to keep their options open, and to pick subjects they are passionate about and those that support their future aspirations. 

Ebacc GCSE Subjects 

  • Computer Science​ 

  • Geography ​ 

  • History ​ 

  • Spanish 

  • Triple Science 



Other Subjects 

  • Art​ 

  • Business​ 

  • Drama​ 

  • Design Tech (Materials)​ 

  • Engineering (Mathematical & Mechanical)​ 

  • Food and Nutrition​ 

  • Music​ 

  • Photography ​ 

  • PE​ 

  • Design Tech (Textiles)​