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Lockers are available in Year areas on a first come first served basis. Parents pay a £20 deposit for a locker key on ParentPay.

When payment is received, students get an e-mail from “TDA Lockers” giving them a date and time to collect their locker key. When they collect the key they will sign the Terms and Conditions.

Locker keys are returned to the person who has issued them either because:

  • They no longer wish to have use of a locker
  • They are leaving TDA to move to another school
  • They are in Year 11 and have finished their exams
  • They are in Year 13 and have finished their exams

The £20 deposit will be refunded back to the parent once keys have been returned. Failure to return a TDA locker results in no refund being issued and TDA keeping the £20 deposit.