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At TDA, Character building combined with academic study will support our learners to live a flourishing life and be prepared for the world beyond education. Students are encouraged to talk about their character but, more importantly, make character a lived reality, by “doing” character.

In Years 7, 8 and 9 Character “Pledges” focus on participation and positive actions, for example:

  • charity work linked to compassion
  • reading aloud in lesson – confidence,
  • joining an enrichment activity – commitment etc.

Our Character Awards programme requires students to make a ‘Termly Character Pledge’ linked to one of our 6’C’s; students must evidence achieving each termly character pledge, once six pledges have been achieved students will gain achieve an award:

Year 7

Year 8

Year 9

Bronze character award

Silver character award

Gold character award

The Character Awards programme aims to encourage and support the development of key qualities in students such as citizenship, leadership, moral purpose, awareness of community and cultural identity and give a charitable focus for each year group. 

Character taught, sought, and caught will enable students to achieve their Character Pledges. Your child will make their own, individualised, pledges. With support from their tutor and access to a wide range of activities, both within and beyond school, they should be able to achieve their respective award. At TDA we pride ourselves on our enrichment programme, we expect all students to get involved in a club: Sport, CCF, Drama, STEM, School productions and Community initiatives. Good Character underpins all that we do as part of ‘the TDA Way’.