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We have high expectations of students - they must commit to treating one another with compassion and courtesy and, ultimately, to have the courage and confidence to stand-up for what is “right”. Occasionally, some young learners struggle to meet our expectations – when this happens, we implement the Academy’s Behaviour Policy which set out a range of sanctions for different behaviours (the Behaviour Policy is on our website).

We always ensure that we understand what has occurred, educate those involved and remind them of the “TDA Way” and emphasise the importance of respect, tolerance. We also endeavour to equip students with the tools they need to tackle similar situations, should they recur, in a mature and thoughtful fashion. Where appropriate, we utilise restorative justice sessions to bring understanding and closure.



Proportionate and appropriate sanctions will be applied, should your child fail to meet our behaviour expectations, for instance, if they are involved in:

  • Bullying around the academy or online
  • Damage to academy or others’ property
  • Abusive behaviour or language to anyone within the academy community
  • Use, misuse or abuse of banned substances – including vapes
  • Physical violence, threats or intimidation
  • Inappropriate use of IT facilities
  • Theft
  • Truancy and lateness
  • Bringing the academy in to disrepute
  • Use of mobile phone on the premises
  • Uniform / dress code infringements
  • Failing to follow advice and guidance

Possible sanctions include:

  • after school detentions
  • inschool seclusions
  • suspensions
  • reports e.g., for lateness, dress code
  • discussions with tutors / subject staff
  • meetings with parents (and Year team)
  • placements at partner schools
  • ultimately, continued poor behaviour may result a permanent exclusion